• What payment methods do you use?

The webshop uses Paypal, so it can accept all major credit and debit cards. You do not need a Paypal account to make a payment


  • How long will my item take to arrive?



  • I've changed my mind about my order and wish to return it, what shall I do? 



  • I'm a retailer, do you sell wholesale and/or Sale or Return (SOR)?

Yes, I do sell wholesale but unfortuntely don't sell by SOR. If you'd like a wholesale catalogue message me via the CONTACT page or drop an email to emily@youmakemedesign.co.uk, stating what type of retailer you are (i.e. bricks and mortar or online), your business name, location and website (if you have one)


  • I'm another brand, would you like to collaborate?

Potentially, YES! Get in touch via the CONTACT page or email me at emily@youmakemedesign.co.uk telling me a bit about your brand and what you had in mind and I'll let you know!


  • I'd like an item in different colour way to the existing options, is that possible?

For laser cut jewellery items and art prints this will usually be possible. Send me a message stating which item it is and what colour(s) you'd like, via the CONTACT page or drop an email to emily@youmakemedesign.co.uk and I'll see what I can do! Products such as cushions, enamel pins and patches, which are not manufactured in-house are not able, to change colour per individual request


  • Do you do custom design work?

Sometimes. It depends on the job and how much other work I have on at that time. The best thing to do is ask, I am pretty friendly! Either send me a message though the CONTACT page or email me at emily@youmakemedesign.co.uk with your idea and I'll see if its something I can undertake